Packaging Is More or Less Like Earth Science

With everything in #MyNoirancaBox, get a full glimpse of how the 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging interacts with nature and the fashion industry.

NOIRANCA gift box

The world’s business and cultural milieu has metamorphosed in the burgeoning e-commerce industry. For its convenience where one could buy anything simply by clicking a button, almost all of us have joined the tribe of online shoppers, you too, I suppose. But beneath the unalloyed online shopping bliss, have you ever scrutinized every single aspect of the e-commerce business?  

By 2023, it is predicted that there will be 300 million online shoppers in the US alone — 91% of the country’s population, and the global retail e-commerce sales is expected to surpass 6000 billion. While these numbers may excite businesses, they are foreshadowing an underlying problem — packaging waste. By no means is the matter of packaging neglectable, at which global parcel volume surpassed 100 billion for the first time in 2019. If you are a person who throws away the packaging right after taking out the goods inside, I can tell you that you are not the only one, as containers and packaging account for 30% of municipal solid waste in the US, with similar data across the globe.

Going green, it's now or never.

Same as other e-commerce businesses, we rely on packaging to deliver superior shopping experience to customers whom we did not serve face-to-face, including, of course, the goods ordered, the promised quality, sincere brand greetings, and more. The wait for your order to arrive, spanning for several days, is a blend of excitement and nervousness. We want the wait to be worth it and the moment of unboxing to be impressive. Therefore, we invested heavily in packaging like other brands -- but on a different path.

Interior of NOIRANCA gift box

Consciously designed to be reused.

Refusing to aggravate the humongous waste problem, we’ve set 3 requirements for our materials: minimal environmental impact, reliable product protection, and maximal reuse possibility.

Some fashion labels’ dust bags give a sophisticated silky finish, but ours are comparatively natural and green. Made of recycled cotton, the NOIRANCA dust bag reduces ecological footprint while providing sufficient protection to your bag. They can also be a travel organizer when you travel, or anything you find useful.

A NOIRANCA handbag Amanda in Maya Blue inside a NOIRANCA gift box

All our paper materials are not only 100% biodegradable and recyclable, but also Elemental Chlorine Free, Acid Free, and Heavy Metal Absence-certified, meaning that their production process is wholly environmentally friendly. They also comply with the requirements of the ISO 9706 standard and are classified as “long life”, guaranteeing their durability and thus your bag’s safety. 

Anchoring environment protection as one of our core values, we opt for FSC Certified paper despite a higher price. Aside from eliminating deforestation, forest degradation, and illegal logging in certified areas, FSC Certified paper creates economic benefits by opening new markets, and thereby ensures social benefits to workers and local people. A win-win, in other words, of bringing both environmental and social sustainability. We pay full attention to processes as minor as printing, we use soy ink which is more eco-friendly than traditional ink.

With #MyNoirancaBox, creativity booms.

Going plastic-free, we firmly believe that there’s a second life to our packaging upon recycling – we just don’t want you to discard the box right away. Our team had been on a mission to create a packaging box that could be kept and reused since day 1. After countless brainstorming sessions and durability tests, the NOIRANCA Box was born. In the shade of subtle light blue, the NOIRANCA box is strong enough to stay in shape throughout shipping and delivery, making sure customers can reuse it after receipt.

What are you going to keep in your NOIRANCA Box? How are you going to decorate or reuse it in a different way? Share your creative ideas on Instagram with #MyNoirancaBox and inspire others!