A Different Shade

A delicate portmanteau of “noir” and “Bianca”, noiranca embodies the beauty of contrast and is a reminder of the untold complexity in women of all colors.



She never gets to be normal.

She bears a silhouette that is uniquely hers, dark as night can be, bright as the road ahead. She never shows her fears, never looks for sympathy. She is loving, hysterical, she is chaos and beauty intertwined. She is different.

noiranca draws its inspiration from the woman who dares to dream and stay out of bounds, who is complex and multifaceted. She is at once strong and dreamy, playful and mischievous, inquisitive yet composed. noiranca is her fluid form of self-expression, like her shadow, like her unique silhouette.

noiranca represents all that she is. She is powerful, she is refined, she is dangerous. She is not bound by convention.

She does not want to stay normal.