Our Different Vegan Leather

Know For A Reason,

Do For A Future

Knowing is half of the journey. For long we all have learned that traditional leather production is unfortunately one of the most wasteful in the industry. Yet, some chose to be oblivious of its cruelty whilst venerating leather products, till today.

Behind the smooth texture is immense use of natural resources, such as animal feed, water, and land, often made available from felling trees. Then comes animal cruelty – too appalling to be written here – and over 250 chemicals used in and discharged from tanneries, many of them toxic and non-biodegradable, like chromium and formaldehyde resins.

The other half of the journey is on what we do with that knowledge. Shocked by our research, the first commitment we made was to opt for an environmental-friendly material as our main fabric – vegan leather.

Some "Vegan" Aren’t

That Vegan

A few fashion labels have already begun the switch from traditional animal leather to "vegan leather", an umbrella term for non-animal materials, which includes synthetics material and biomaterial such as cork, pineapple, and even reishi.

Now comes the confusing part: in spite of its name, not all vegan leathers are environmentally friendly. Traditional synthetic leather is mainly made from plastic-based polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and oil-based polyurethane (PU). In producing these, hazardous toxins that are not fully biodegradable are released into our ecosystem. The material is also easily worn out, usually within 36 months. Some "vegan leather" developed from biomaterial are biodegradable and eco-friendly to the environment, yet having sampled most of them, we have found out that none offers the versatility we need in terms of the luxury texture, as well as color options and production scalability.

A Different Vegan Leather Is Needed

To our blessings, we have found a producer that can create NOIRANCA’s signature vegan leather without compromising on texture and quality. Made from DMF-free, water-based PU, which replaces organic solvents with water, our special vegan leather contains zero volatile organic compounds, and consists of around 58% recycled elements – post-consumer recycled polyester and pre-consumer recycled polyurethane.


percentage of recycled

materials in NOIRANCA’s

vegan leather 


percentage of recycled materials in NOIRANCA’s vegan leather 

Our vegan leather meets both EU REACH and US CA65 standards, which validate that during its production process, our producer has improved the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.

Lower, Lighter Impact

Unlike animal leather and traditional synthetic leather, NOIRANCA’s signature vegan leather is the lightest, thus lowering carbon emission during shipping; it also creates the lowest level of toxic pollution during production, and is over 40% and 300% more durable, respectively.

more durable than traditional

leather and matches it

in texture and quality


more durable than traditional leather and matches it in texture and quality

No doubt, our vegan leather is on par with traditional leather in terms of tactility and quality, and even, outperforms traditional synthetic leather. Compared to animal leather, traditional synthetic leather and biomaterial leather, our vegan leather is smooth, sophisticated, and the lightest in weight, among all.

Indulge yourselves in feeling our vegan leather and get ready to be addled by its realness.

NOIRANCA Signature Vegan Leather

Material Composition: Non-toxic
Durability: 6-10 Years
Quality &Texture: Smooth,sophisticated, lightest inweight

Animal Leather

Material Composition: Animal skin and toxic chemicals
Durability: 7 Years
Quality & Texture: Soft, natural

Traditional Synthetic Leather

Material Composition: Harmful organic solvents and chemicals
Durability: 3 Years
Quality &Texture: Cheap, rough

Biomaterial Leather

Material Composition: Developed through fiber re-engineering from natural materials
Durability: Vary depends on exact material
Quality & Texture: Still at incubation stage. Limited in color options, material size and scalability, rough and thick texture

Other Ecological Performance of Our Signature Vegan Leather: 
90% Reduction of Effluent Discharge
80% Reduction of Energy Consumption 
75% Reduction of Carbon Emissions

A Promise,

Now Or Never

The "vegan gear" is on – full-on. It is of paramount importance that a fashion label strikes a balance between product quality and our footprint, especially in the current climate. Though our decision to use a special vegan leather is challenging and different from the industry norm, we are here to take a leap to the future.

Better, and more, leather alternatives will spring up soon, it is almost palpable as the fashion world is switching to a more sustainable path. With a never-stopping ambition, we will keep exploring different materials – so too investing in other more eco-friendly, recycled or recyclable alternatives – in order to move closer to our carbon-neutral vision.

Non-stop And Ahead,

For Fashion

Our work does not end here. We are also uncovering different sustainability measures behind the scenes, from packaging to printing, to further offset our ecological footprint. Inspired by women who dare to be different, we believe every person and brand must dare to dream and stay out of bounds for what they believe is right. We firmly believe that with the right sustainability approach, fashion can be a force for good, even if goes against the industry grain. It is our commitment to the earth; it is our culture.