Product Care

Vegan leather is used in all our bags. Though it is durable, it is not meant, and we do not expect it, to remain pristine. Over time, scratches will occur and color will darken. These unique marks signify quality and symbolize the special moments you experienced with your bag, as our bags are made to grow with you. Made with diligence and devotion, your bag is now transferred from our artisans’ hands to yours. We hope you can take care of it with love, the way our artisans crafted it.

General Care

Avoid water. Our bags are made for all occasions, not all weather conditions. However, if your bag is really exposed to rain, gently dab water away with a dry cloth and leave to dry at room temperature. Do not use electric heat as it may cause deformation and color fading.

Avoid overfilling or carrying overly heavy stuff as your bag may deform, unless you are filling it with your charisma.

Put your bag back into the dust bag every time after use and place it somewhere dry and away from direct sunlight. You may stuff it appropriately to prevent deformation.

Avoid wearing dark jeans if you plan to use bags in light color as they are susceptible to color transfer. While we celebrate diversity of colors, we do not wish to see your bags stained.