Step into the visual universe of the divine feminine. As poetry and aggression infiltrate the campaign tetralogy, unveiling the untold multifaceted beauty of women, their undisclosed revelation, and their limitless potential.

Forever a fad, beauty standards veer from one to another in seconds. And now we have arrived at the age of face filters, to which this particular obsession blinds us from embracing ourselves, much less flaws.


Before the flawlessly-perfect-face-filter-hordes have gone too far-flung, it is about time we find back the forgotten essence of beauty. The origin of beauty holds its own mythosthe rawnessallowing beauty to be left undefined (as it can never be defined). 

NOIRANCA is a constant expression of how far a woman can go.

NOIRANCA brings about a movement—a feminine revolution—calling out the most stripped-back versions of ourselves. The campaign sees four chapters interspersed by not only the debut bag collection, but bellowing confidence in different colors. It unfurls the spectrum of women, and their vivid, invincible spirit, too.


The four-part campaign opens with Vigor in Elegance, the portrait of a woman of strength. In the wilderness, she gushes a manifesto embracing the feminine fierce soul. Strewed with swashbuckling confidence, she breaks free elegantly with vigor even as she untethers herself out of the typical. In place of the visual is the brown collection of NOIRANCA bags, chicly crafted in one-of-a-kind silhouettes—where brown comes off as a self-empowering hue.


“On rocks, sands and mud I lay.

Embracing the immensity

of my thriving mind,

of the perpetual beauty

within the beguiling truth of self.”

Following the empowering thrum is Disquiet Gentleness, a gentler side of a woman. Dissolved in calmness and awash in white—almost lost in the labyrinth—she sees the subcutaneous happenings, rousing the regiment of wit inside her mind.


With the dusty rose NOIRANCA in hand, she transcends dimensions into the deepest introspection, ruminating her soul in the dazzle.The light-as-air palette of dusty rose resembles her soft demeanor and strong will in the face of any kind of adversity. Calmness in chaos, that’s what Disquiet Gentleness holds.

“Silent echoes penetrate the labyrinth.

How unruffled am I,

reaching a prospering space

radiating a soft vim.”

Amidst a backdrop of endless forest, Estranged Liberation allures us to witness the world through the eyes of a woman who extricates herself from orthodox bounds. Inside her dome, her thoughts are hermetically sealed, and remains pure to herself whilst exploring the brimming woods around—with the company of the olive green NOIRANCA.


In the midst of sweeping winds and chirping birds, a strong sense of selfhood runs through her head. It is her glimmering confidence that led her to this state of mind: pensive, in her truest self, where she revels in unalloyed bliss. Done up in supple vegan leather that feels just like its real counterparts, NOIRANCA endeavors to spur animal rights action, and as well, unpack the ethos of sustainability into the fashion realm.

“I breathe me in.

Never felt so powerful in heart,


I rise, to my own divine.”

Behold the finale of the tetralogy, as Fluidity Enkindled brings you onto a meditative cerulean expedition into the bits and pieces that make a woman. The aqua-infused imagery—which blends perfectly together with the maya blue NOIRANCA—depicts the excruciating but liberating process of reaching the ultimate selfhood, if not womanhood.


In a net she’s hauled out of her nature. Yet, she dances with her unassailable spirit, wrestling with the duality in her mind—comply versus defy. She comes alive (again) with an ethereal desire to escape the ropes. There, she's set free. The nuanced NOIRNACA bags would not have come to life without the family atelier of yore—a history of 50 years. All handcrafted, behind each NOIRANCA is the rich traditional heritage in leather-making, as NOIRANCA embraces the art of craftsmanship.

“My heart is set ablaze, stronger,

as I reconnect with the waves of my soul.

Born again.”

The four features weave into a cohesive tapestry underscoring women empowerment, strength, and diversity. It is a reminder of the experiences women share regardless of age, skin tones and cultures, to live up to the best versions of yourselvesthe divine feminine.