Her Different Story - The Jewelry Science with Ariadne Kapelioti

Ariadne Kapeliote has pushed scientific boundaries to which its language is expressed through jewelry arts. Originally getting her degree in Physics and Mathematics in Greece, Kapelioti later discovered her true passion in jewelry and applies mathematic principles to jewelry making.

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1. What prompted you to learn jewelry making after acquiring your degree in Physics and Mathematics and Architecture?

Even though I am a scientist by training, I always had a keen eye for design. My love for Mathematics, the language of Science, was expressed at a very early age together with my great passion for the creative process and jewelry making. In adulthood, I was conflicted at first about how to include all things I love into my everyday life. 

After earning my Physics degree in Thessaloniki Greece, I completed jewelry design and fashion contextual studies in London, but it wasn’t until I was self-taught algorithmic design and additive manufacturing when I had actually found the perfect path to pursue and embrace my passion into work following a greater multidisciplinary design philosophy. 

It was about a decade ago when I founded my brand. Looking back, I don’t really consider this a starting point but an organic evolution of things. In order to expand my knowledge into the field of digital design, I later returned to education and received a Masters of Advanced Design in Architecture. Overall, I consider myself as a designer with a scientific approach.

2. Do you find any common grounds between Physics, Mathematics, Architecture, and jewelry making?

All these subjects may appear to be conflicting, however, they have fundamental similarities; all disciplines require analytical and problem solving skills, creativity, patience, research, inspiration and hard work. Science has always ruled my mind and design makes my heartbeat high!

3. How did you first start your brand?

My reason for starting is the aim to combine my passion for science and design. I had been informally designing and selling jewelry since high school. However, it was about a decade ago, soon after I was introduced to parametric design and 3D printing technology, when I founded my brand. Formerly known as “Superlora”, I launched my eponymous label in 2021.

4. Why do you create jewelry with 3D printing technology? What is the notion behind?

A keen interest in the creative process has led me towards extensive research and development into jewelry construction via 3D printing technology. I instantly fell in love with additive manufacturing for its incomparable capabilities. Computer aided design provides great freedom of design and complexity, therefore, my aspiration to explore the relation between form and mathematics leads to intricate and highly detailed designs. 

In addition to traditional materials, such as silver and gold, 3D printing technology extends the list of materials that jewelry can be made from, as a result, I am able to create modernist, playful and quirky jewelry collections. Also, additive manufacturing technology is environmentally friendly as it minimizes the quantity of waste materials created during the production process.

"Science has always ruled my mind and design makes my heartbeat high!"

A black model with an exaggerated hairstyle is blowing her hair with a vintage hairdryer while holding a NOIRANCA handbag Amanda

"Celebrating and praising women inner strength, my jewelry pieces are meant to be worn, lived in and enjoyed by fierce and sophisticated women who take on multiple roles in life."

5. Are there any personal stories related to the brand?

The brand actually reflects my personal journey; it reflects my aim for experimentation and self-rediscovery, built on the concept of optimism as a strategy for making a brighter future.

 6. What is your creative progress like?

My methodological approach to design is research-based. The largest part of my creative process is preparation; gathering information and materials, identifying sources of inspiration. Strongly oriented towards the building of prototypes, I explore various ideas and design concepts via continuous testing and redesign of the design solutions. The jewelry pieces are designed with computer aided software and fabricated using lost 3D printed wax casting or printed layer by layer with selective laser sintering technology and hand finished using traditional techniques. 

Fully designed in-house and created in a conscious way, each collection is produced in a small series and inspired by scientific themes featuring a hybrid mixture of classic forms and algorithmically generated patterns. In conclusion, it is that significant moment when someone wears the jewelry that fulfils my work, as contemporary jewelry making may be linked to the artistic genre of performance.

7. Do you think the application of mathematical principles into the creation of art challenge the perception of art as a “free flow” way of expression?

My jewelry pieces aren’t being subjected to mathematical interpretation; they are powdered by mathematical inspiration. With the use of parametric software, the original design is altered in a way similar to the butterfly effect as all elements are inter-depended and adaptable. The main idea is to create complex systems inspired by a scientific theme. My intention is to give material form to something deep and eternal; mathematics has an intrinsic aesthetics and its truths are eternal.

8. What do you think are the elements that make a female entrepreneur?

I regard the key element that makes a female entrepreneur is to be driven by a higher purpose.

9. Is women empowerment a huge part of your business?

Celebrating and praising women inner strength, my jewelry pieces are meant to be worn, lived in and enjoyed by fierce and sophisticated women who take on multiple roles in life. For me, it is a matter of great importance to become established in order to influence in my own way and contribute in the fight for women’s rights, equality and justice through my work.

10. What is the future direction of the brand?

Bold, joyful and structured, my designs don’t follow the trends, only attempt to fit the zeitgeist of the era. Through constant renewal and ingenuity, I wish for my brand to evolve in every aspect over the years; enhance the design ideas, broaden its client base as well as expand materials and techniques, while retaining the brand ethos.

Check out her website: https://ariadnekapelioti.com/